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Each orchestra may have a different composition of instruments, but each one plays certain roles regardless of the piece being played. In particular, the cello plays a notable role that necessitates its presence in nearly every string-based collective from full orchestras to quartets. Not only is the music it produces beautiful, the cello serves to guide the orchestration through each song, as well.

Human Voice

The cello possesses the unique quality of producing a sound that has been compared to the range of the human voice. As such, the cello has proven to be an important part of the orchestra, especially when a vocal performer is present. Even without a vocal performance, the cello can be used to evoke emotion with its similarity to the human voice, making it an effective and essential component to stirring compositions.

Low Range

Because of its size and general construction, cellos have often been used to play solely low notes for the orchestra alongside the double bass. Other string instruments like the violin and viola are not designed to produce such low sounds, and the cello produces such a rich sound when low notes are played, it would be a waste not to play them.

Melody and Harmony

With warm tones, the cello serves as the perfect pair to the violin’s similar capabilities, and orchestras often utilize the cello as a melodic counterpoint or a harmonic accompaniment to the violins’ performances. The cello’s characteristic versatility make this breadth of application possible.


Though the cello has historically been sidelined and used as a tool to showcase other instruments, the depth of its sound was eventually realized, resulting in beautiful compositions that allow the cello to flaunt the warmth and range of its sounds. Cello concertos by composers such as Antonin Dvorˇák, Joseph Haydn, and Tchaikovsky are popular choices when demonstrating the cello’s depth, and sonata such as Brahms’ Cello Sonata no. 2 in F major serve to highlight the cello’s solo prowess.

Each instrument in an orchestra plays an important role, and the cello is no different. In many cases, cellos are essential, and without them, the music would simply lack character, poise, and emotional depth. The cello is a warm, versatile instrument that adds to any performance.