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Italy is one of the most beautiful and culturally-rich countries in Europe. It is known for its food, culture, fashion, architecture, and so many more wonderful attributes. Italy has a population of 60.48 million, with an area of 116,347 mi. The daunting size of Italy can sometimes intimidate even the most experienced of travelers. Check out a breakdown of what Italy has to offer, and the excitement that lies in the adventure.


Italy is most widely known for its food. The Mediterranean location, fertile farmlands, and rich history is a beautiful combination of delectable cuisine. Italy is most known for its pasta. The type of pasta varies depending on the region you’re in, try searching for family-owned restaurants. They often have the most authentic recipes, specific to that region. Dishes like pizza, arancini, lasagne, saltimbocca, and gelato are must-haves during your trip to Italy.


Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance Era; the word translates to “rebirth”. Notable artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael were Italians who flourished in that era. Consider planning visits to Florence, Italy, the cornerstone of the Renaissance Era, and contains some of the most beautiful art in the world. Check out galleries like Uffizi Galleries, Accademia Gallery, and the Florence Duomo. 


 Italy is home to one of the most influential empires of all time. The roman empire led the world in innovative architecture and modern developments. The ghost of that once vast empire exists in Italy’s capital: Rome. Rome contains defining architecture like the Colosseum, open-air theaters like the Teatro Marcello, and beautiful monuments like the Pantheon. Strap on your most comfortable shoes and spend the day exploring the beauty in Roman architecture. 


One of the last, but certainly not least, notable categories is Italy’s wine culture. Due to the combination of the rich landscape and profound culture, Italy has mastered the art of wine-making. Each region and area is ideal for growing different kinds of grapes, making each wine that comes out of the various Italian provinces, unique. As you travel throughout Italy, consider scheduling in times to taste wine from each area to grasp the variety of Italy’s wine.

Italy is a beautiful choice for exploration. As you plan your trip, take the time to leave yourself the opportunity to experience Italy to it’s fullest. Remember, a return trip is never out of the question.