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The Italian language is undeniably beautiful, and for non-native speakers, learning the nuances of the language can be both challenging and rewarding. Without formal education or fluent teachers, getting started may seem like a daunting task. However, with advances in technology and access to the Internet on every smartphone, using apps to learn Italian is a great way to familiarize yourself with the language and practice your skills on a regular basis. Mobile apps are also great tools to supplement traditional methods of learning Italian. 


Below are a few apps designed to help you learn this Romance language.



With more than 50 million happy users around the world, busuu and its creators provide a valuable service for those looking to learn Italian. Like other apps, busuu provides lessons on common phrases and vocabulary as well as exercises featuring audio clips and games. A unique feature of the app is a program that has users complete a written exercise that is then sent to a native speaker for feedback; this interactive and collaborative experience can help learners better understand the language and learn from their mistakes.



With a realistic approach to key words and phrases, Drops is a fun language-learning app that presents its Italian lessons in the form of interactive games. There is a personalization aspect that allows users to determine what they want to learn before engaging in the games, making it easier for individuals to actually practice what they want to know. This app does have a limited free version, but for those looking to practice their skills for a few minutes each day, Drops is a productive app to try.



This language-learning app has gained significant popularity for its accessibility and structure. Duolingo offers programs for a number of languages, and its Italian program has earned satisfaction from users. With game-like lessons that provide education on words, phrases, and grammar, Duolingo is an excellent app for beginners. Users also have the option to test out of levels if their education is more advanced.


Radio Italia

For those with a greater understanding of the Italian language, Radio Italia provides a great resource for practicing your listening skills. With access to interviews, podcasts, music, and more, this app allows learners to enjoy quality content in the language they are learning. All available programming is in Italian, so for individuals just starting to learn, this app may not be the best choice. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy authentic content from Italy and challenge yourself, this app is a great resource.


Learning Italian may seem challenging, and while it can be difficult to learn a new language, using some of the above apps could help develop better study practices and improve your understanding.