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The Italian language is undeniably beautiful as well as challenging. Even for native English speakers or those who are fluent in a similar language may experience some difficulties when adapting to things like verb conjugation or slang. For those looking to improve their Italian language skills on a regular basis, the following habits are a great way to accelerate your learning and heighten your overall productivity.


Create Small Goals

Having something concrete that you want to achieve can help keep you on the right track when it comes to learning a language. Whether you want to commit a certain number of new vocabulary words to memory or hold a conversation in your target language, setting a reasonable, tangible goal for yourself over the course of a week or a month can help you more easily achieve your overall goal of fluency.


Establish a Routine

The easiest way to lose your pace and hinder your success is failing to abide by a routine. Even if you simply set aside just 10 minutes a day to practice, sticking to that routine will be much more beneficial than a few sporadic cram sessions. In the same vein, you should establish which methods of learning are the most effective for you and integrate those into your routine to further improve your skills.


Review Regularly

Even if you feel confident after a study session, if you don’t review what you learned at a later time, you will likely find that you’ve forgotten some information. Making a habit of reviewing material you’ve already covered will help you identify any areas you need to work on and will also help solidify what you know. Failing to review your notes can limit your mastery of the language.


Take Time to Rest

Learning the Italian language should be a fun pursuit. While you need to be disciplined and determined, overworking yourself will hinder your progress. If you are worn down from a long day, you don’t need to force yourself to study. Doing so will likely result in limited retention and wasted effort. One missed session will not erase your progress.